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Groundnuts(peanuts) etc

For these crops if the right timing of harvest is missed you suffer so much loss

For Millet( sorghum) they start to dry and the seeds fall off the stalk to the soil
For peanuts they crack under ground and start to regrow which is such a waste

So during harvest season so many of the daily shores are put to hold until the harvest is done .

This reminds me of us we all have a season of harvest in our lives not necessarily crops but dreams , goals , aspirations and so much more than we pursue in our daily life .

Be keen not to miss or let your harvest season go to waste . It’s so easy to be preoccupied by so many destructions.

Short term satisfactions that end up destroying the bigger harvest the would have given a long term satisfaction .

Don’t miss your harvest season . You worked hard for it . You deserve it . Let no one tell you otherwise and get you off the course .

If You Feel Bad:
Happy new week

Don’t Compare your self with any one:

What if! Really what if !
It’s clear that we are all created for a purpose and we will reach that great purpose only if we can open our hearts to be the best of us not the best of somebody else .
We all are blessed with different talents , personalities and lives to serve one another not to compete one another . Only if the competition helps you be the best of you not an envious version of you that wants so bad to be like your neighbor not your best self .

For some people it will take just a minute of working to reach out while others it will take years but in all circumstances . The Great creator of you knows what it takes for you to be you and who He created you to be .
As 2023 clocks in you are your greatest competition , others are your inspiration to be the best of you not your rivals .
So compare yourself to who you were yesterday because you know your steps better , your behind the scenes better than your comparison’s.

Remember we are gifted with different talents , skills and aspirations to serve one another not to rival one another .

You could be limiting doors of your greater breakthrough with the bare minimum of your comparison .

Good bye 2022 for the fails and wins we are grateful that we are still here
2023 you are welcome . We don’t know what you have got in stock for us but God has been there so we will be just fine

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